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Uk Film Review ★★★★

“An absolute treat...”

Total Film

“Gripped by L’esprit de Godard”

Wonderland Magazine

“Powerful post-Brexit love story”

“Languid and imbued with the idyllic scenes of an eternal summer, The Drifters is a film that marries together the colourful cool of French Wave Cinema with a blaring indignation when it comes to topics such as migration and racism.” ★★★★

“Beautifully shot, well-acted and Devon’s seaside in summer looks ravishing.”

“Director Benjamin Bond (SKINS, Killing Bono, Delta Forever), writes and directs this offbeat story of love, loss and adventure, and it’s a pleasure to go along with them.”

Outtake Mag ★★★★

“The Drifters is a rich, vibrant, and relevant film that proves both charming and thought-provoking”

“…a powerful and visually stunning debut that examines matters of migration and identity through a concise and articulate lens.”

The People’s Movies

“It’s a joyous celebration of freedom, of living life to the full but still has its feet sufficiently on the ground to know that such idylls very rarely last for long.”

Battle Royale With Cheese

“Beautifully shot, well-acted and a fantastic tourism advert for Great Britain…”


“Ben Bond’s The Drifters is a charming and poignant directorial debut that touches on many issues at the heart of post-Brexit British society, particularly the interplay between belonging and migration.”

“Ben Bond’s Nuanced and Sensitive Modern Love Story”

Sight & Sound

“…the evident craft that’s gone into every frame provides consistent visual pleasure.”


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